My Skills & Services

An organizational and programmatic strategy leader,  bringing trusted advisory skills and knowledge, alongside incredible convening power and expert facilitation skills to strengthen the global philanthropic and civil society ecosystem, and your organization for the long term.

Whether you’re a high net-worth individual, foundation, NGO, for-profit company, or government I can help you to reach your goals by taking a personalised approach tailored to your needs, through four main channels of expertise: 


Philanthropy is complex. I can help you understand it.

An expert guide and sounding board to aid your decision making. I work with individuals and organizations to understand and unlock these challenges and improve effectiveness for true impact.

I provide advice to advance development, humanitarian and peacebuilding outcomes through more effective financing and partnership approaches to achieve locally-led social change outcomes.

The focus is on you and the context within which you work. I listen first to understand, ask questions, challenge assumptions, explore issues, generate new thinking, move past sticky spots to develop and strengthen big ideas. I offer you insight and advice through critical thinking and curiosity to help you create lasting impact. 

  • I can provide day to day general advice and support as your strategic sounding board and thought partner

  • I can help you learn how to best manage your teams remotely so they can  work together cohesively and productively in this new world thanks to years of managing teams across time zones and locations around the world 

  • I can help you understand how philanthropy and global development are changing and evolving, what the landscape looks like, the importance of understanding differing contexts, and where the challenges, needs, and opportunities exist – helping you to make more informed mission-driven investments, or to work with organizations who do

  • I can teach you about the underlying principles of how to partner, influence and collaborate with others and build effective teams internally and externally

  • I can help you understand the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework and its applicability to your own funding, programming, data needs, outcomes, and impact 

  • I can help you to understand the needs of differing types of organizations and individuals so that you can work with, and not against your and the communities needs

  • I can help you understand how to approach, develop relationships, partner, and work with donors for the long term


Philanthropy is complex. I can help you strategize.

Social change doesn’t happen by chance. I build strategies that shift the needle for international communities. 

Whether your organization is designing a whole new organizational strategy, making changes to programming or putting together a short knowledge series to achieve effective social change outcomes, I’m here to help. 

I offer a fresh perspective that is based both on the reality of social change, and the opportunity to think big and change the world through practical steps and a consensus-driven approach.

I work with civil society, philanthropy, governments, the private sector and individuals to:

  • Update or design a new giving strategy based on real-time community needs to have long-lasting transformational impact

  • Design and lead strategic transformational organizational initiatives 

  • Implement these new approaches, communicate to leadership, gain organizational buy-in and support staff to be champions

  • Structure and lead teams and programs to pioneer and scale approaches

  • Work with a range of partners locally and globally across the social change ecosystem 

  • Help nonprofits, corporations, donors and individuals become fit to serve a global community

  • Design meetings, conferences and webinars


Philanthropy is complex. I can facilitate it.

I can help you develop lasting relationships and facilitate open discussions that move you towards your goals. 

I have facilitated small and large meetings at conferences, in workshops and online in a range of contexts and countries. Let me help you focus on the content, while I help you reach your process goals. 

I work with civil society, philanthropy, governments, multilaterals and the private sector to:

  • Understand the ‘why’ you need to convene and the context 

  • Undertake research and analysis to better understand the background to issues, opportunities, organizations, history, nuances and the like and how this relates to the external world

  • Research and consider best practices for your needs and situation

  • Design workshop and meeting agendas and content and pre-meeting surveys

  • Understand the goals and context of the conveners, key stakeholders, and attendees to bring focus and motivation

  • Work collectively to build trust to form a strong basis for collective buy-in and action

  • Engage with people and organizations by listening to their needs and challenges and associated goals  

  • Lead interactive participative processes that are solutions-oriented and ensure everyone is ‘doing the work’

  • Solve complex issues through practical solutions that are supported by mutual agreement

  • Facilitate and engage stakeholders and partners

  • Leverage existing and new resources


Philanthropy is complex. I can help you with the doing.

Looking for an outsourced internal solution? From program and people management to ghost-writing, I’m here to help!

I am here to provide skills, expertise and additional capacity as a doer and a thinker so that your ideas and projects can come to life. 

As a trusted front-facing leader, or by leading from behind I can help you to:

  • Design and/or implement programs, projects, research, training, webinars, roundtables and convenings globally and locally

  • Design and create sustainable development, human rights & peacebuilding knowledge products

  • Develop project proposals, and manage and report on grants 

  • Author or ghostwrite blogs, papers, talking points, briefings, speeches, policy 

  • Coordinate and manage people and teams 

  • Coordinate or convene stakeholder groups

  • Act as a relationship focal point

Let’s work together

Do you need a global leader and convener who understands philanthropy and its relationship to humanitarian, peacebuilding and sustainable development outcomes? 

I’m an empowering collaborator and supporter with a can-do attitude. Let’s work together to achieve true social change!