Philanthropy is complex. I can help you understand it. Together we can be catalytic.

I’m a global leader and convener who understands philanthropy and its relationship to humanitarian, peacebuilding and sustainable development.

My ability to balance big picture vision with attention to detail allows me to creatively approach partnerships and multi-stakeholder collaboration through a global and local lens.

My studies, career and life experience have equipped me to work with philanthropy across geographic and cultural contexts, managing a multitude of complex processes and clients in parallel. 

I’m able to coordinate a variety of stakeholders and quickly analyze, negotiate positive outcomes and communicate new information to make effective strategic decisions.

My consulting services leverage years of experience in working with philanthropy, civil society and multilateral organizations around the world to understand the minutiae of what it takes to achieve mission-critical goals while bridging these sectors to advance change. 

My unique vantage point enables me to understand the funding trends and make-up of the sector so that I can help organizations become fit to serve and partner with the international community.

Philanthropy for a safe, healthy and just world - the next generation

I believe that complex societal challenges cannot be solved alone - they require collaboration with diverse individuals, which leads to collective action. 

At a time when threats are increasing to human rights and populism is rising, philanthropies are in a unique position to create positive change together. 

My goal is therefore to support the achievement of a more effective global development, humanitarian and peacebuilding system that is collaborative and networked in such a way that it can better leverage funds, resources, and skills to achieve a safe, healthy and just society for all.

Together for Change

Proud to be an active Board Member and Expert Advisor of these organisations for good:

Shift the Power

Radical Flexibility Fund (RFF) is a new organization that Riva Kantowitz and I founded to improve the current foreign assistance and private foundation funding model to more efficiently and effectively get resources to individuals, networks and civil society organizations.

The Fund works with stakeholders and clients to gather information about new financing approaches; uses that information to design and facilitate processes led by grassroots organizations to effectively and sustainably resource work in their communities; supports the generation of locally-led knowledge; and, monitors and disseminates the learning and impact of these new approaches.

Through #RadicalFlexibility we will demonstrate to other decision-makers that it is possible to #ShiftThePower through new funding approaches to achieve durable social change. 

From thinking along with you outside the box, designing a new program, or ghostwriting, I’m here to help. The world is our lab, let’s look for creative, innovative solutions together.