Think Outside the Philanthropy Box

I am a trusted advisor and network weaver with a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve sustainable development, humanitarian and peacebuilding outcomes through catalytic philanthropy.

Through my work, I provide strategy and advisory services to a range of nonprofit and for-profit clients, helping them design and lead strategic organizational initiatives to achieve real impact.

Achieving mission-critical goals, bridging sectors, advancing change

As the world changes, philanthropy must change with it. The world is our lab.

 I support my clients to develop and maintain strong relationships with foundations, civil society and the private sector and public sectors, to understand philanthropic trends, opportunities, needs and challenges, and to create actionable outcomes to improve more traditional practices and test out new ways of thinking.

 I work closely with my clients to provide specialist support across the following areas:


Create real impact through effective decision making by unlocking the challenges involved in philanthropy with me.


Social change doesn’t happen by chance. I build strategies that shift the needle.


I can help you develop lasting relationships and facilitate open discussions that move you towards your goals.

Organisational Support

Looking for an outsourced internal solution? From program and people management to ghost-writing, I’m here to help!

Work with Me

I balance big picture vision with attention to detail to help you achieve your philanthropic, humanitarian or peace-building targets. If you’re looking for somebody to power up your initiatives, I could be the thought partner and extra pair of hands that get the job done.